Top 20 Microsoft Azure Interview Questions and Answers in 2023

Top Microsoft Azure Interview Questions and Answers provide by Multisoft Virutal Academy are -

What is Microsoft Azure? Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform that provides a wide range of services, including computing, storage, networking, and analytics.

What is the difference between Azure and AWS? Azure and AWS are both cloud computing platforms, but Azure is owned by Microsoft and is more focused on enterprise-level services, while AWS is owned by Amazon and is more focused on providing a wide range of services for all types of customers.

What are the key benefits of using Azure? Azure provides several benefits, including scalability, flexibility, security, cost-effectiveness, and ease of use.

What is Azure Virtual Network? Azure Virtual Network is a service that allows you to create and manage your own private network in the cloud, enabling you to connect your cloud resources to your on-premises infrastructure securely.

What is Azure Active Directory? Azure Active Directory is a cloud-based identity and access management service that enables you to manage user identities and access to resources across your organization.

What is the Azure Resource Manager? The Azure Resource Manager is a management layer that provides a unified way to manage resources in Azure, enabling you to deploy, manage, and monitor resources as a single entity.

What is Azure Blob Storage? Azure Blob Storage is a scalable and secure object storage service that allows you to store and access large amounts of unstructured data.

What is Azure Functions? Azure Functions is a serverless compute service that allows you to run code in response to events or triggers, without the need to manage infrastructure.

What is Azure Kubernetes Service? Azure Kubernetes Service is a fully managed container orchestration service that enables you to deploy and manage containerized applications at scale.

What is Azure SQL Database? Azure SQL Database is a fully managed relational database service that provides high availability, security, and scalability, with built-in intelligence and advanced analytics capabilities.

What is Azure DevOps? Azure DevOps is a set of services that enable you to plan, develop, test, and deploy applications in the cloud, providing a seamless end-to-end experience.

What is Azure Site Recovery? Azure Site Recovery is a disaster recovery service that enables you to replicate your virtual machines and physical servers to a secondary site, ensuring business continuity in the event of a disaster.

What is Azure Load Balancer? Azure Load Balancer is a traffic load balancing service that distributes traffic across multiple virtual machines or services, ensuring high availability and scalability.

What is Azure Active Directory Domain Services? Azure Active Directory Domain Services is a fully managed domain service that provides domain join, group policy, LDAP, and Kerberos support, enabling you to deploy legacy applications in the cloud.

What is Azure ExpressRoute? Azure ExpressRoute is a dedicated private connection between your on-premises infrastructure and Azure datacenters, providing faster and more reliable connectivity than a public Internet connection.

What is Azure Cosmos DB? Azure Cosmos DB is a globally distributed, multi-model database service that provides high availability, automatic scaling, and low latency access to data.

What is Azure Firewall? Azure Firewall is a network security service that provides centralized firewall management and protection for your virtual network resources.

What is Azure Key Vault? Azure Key Vault is a cloud-based service that enables you to securely store and manage cryptographic keys, certificates, and secrets, providing strong encryption and protection for your data.

What is Azure Databricks? Azure Databricks is a fast, easy, and collaborative Apache Spark-based analytics platform that enables you to build data pipelines and machine learning models at scale.

What is Azure HDInsight? Azure HDInsight is a fully managed cloud service that provides scalable and secure big data processing capabilities, including Hadoop, Spark, and Hive.