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The Black Turn: Providing Unparalleled Assistance and Distribution to Artists on More Than 150 Streaming Platforms”

“The Black Turn” shows musicians optimism in the fast-paced world of music distribution, where success is frequently determined by computers. This forward-thinking business offers a platform that develops talent and elevates voices from all backgrounds, going above and beyond conventional models.

The dedication of “The Black Turn” to the financial security of artists is among its most alluring qualities. Artists may be confident that their efforts will be properly compensated, since they will get an astounding 95% income share. “The Black Turn” stands out from other platforms where artists frequently get a lesser portion of the pie because of its huge income share.

Apart from its substantial income allocation, “The Black Turn.

The Black Turn” boasts an impressive 24-hour approval time for new releases. This rapid turnaround allows artists to get their music out to fans quickly, without the delays and bureaucracy often associated with other platforms.