Belmore Beats Bonanza: DJ Longtime’s Epic Night at Canterbury Leagues Club!

Prepare for an electrifying night in Belmore as DJ Longtime takes the stage at Canterbury Leagues Club on Saturday, 24th February, at 8:00 PM. With an extraordinary 10-year residency at Beach Hotel Byron Bay and a reputation for opening for big names, DJ Longtime is set to deliver a music-filled spectacle that transcends the ordinary.

DJ Longtime: A Musical Maestro:

DJ Longtime brings a wealth of musical experience, having honed his skills during a decade-long residency at the iconic Beach Hotel Byron Bay. His journey includes sharing the stage with renowned artists, reflecting a deep understanding of diverse musical preferences. Belmore is in for a treat as DJ Longtime showcases his exceptional ability to read the crowd and cater to their musical cravings.

Ego-Free Entertainment:

What sets DJ Longtime apart is not just his impressive track record but also his humility as a performer. Despite his incredible experience, DJ Longtime boasts very little ego, focusing entirely on the music and the joy of entertaining the crowd. This ego-free approach creates an atmosphere where the beats take center stage, and the connection between DJ and audience becomes paramount.

Canterbury Leagues Club: The Ultimate Venue:

The choice of Canterbury Leagues Club as the venue for this musical extravaganza is deliberate. The Atrium Bar provides an intimate setting where every beat can be felt, creating an immersive experience for all attendees. The synergy between DJ Longtime’s beats and the vibrant atmosphere of Canterbury Leagues Club promises a night that will reverberate through Belmore.

Connect with DJ Longtime:

Before the event, music enthusiasts can catch a glimpse of DJ Longtime’s passion on his Facebook page. His social media presence not only teases the beats to come but also highlights his genuine love for music and the anticipation for the upcoming performance.

Belmore, mark your calendars for Saturday, 24th February, at 8:00 PM, as DJ Longtime sets the dance floor ablaze at Canterbury Leagues Club. With a decade of experience, a humble approach, and an infectious love for music, DJ Longtime promises an unforgettable night of beats, rhythms, and pure entertainment.

Join the community in celebrating the universal language of music at Canterbury Leagues Club. Secure your spot, bring your dancing shoes, and get ready for a night where DJ Longtime turns Canterbury Leagues Club into the epicenter of Belmore’s musical excitement. Don’t miss out on the beats that will make this Saturday night legendary. ????????

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